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What is the difference between a 15 digit and a 18 digit Salesforce ID?

  • Salesforce Ids 15 are case-sensitive whereas IDs 18 are case-insensitive.
  • User interface on displays Salesforce Ids 15.
  • Salesforce API returns IDs 18.
  • The last 3 digits of a Salesforce Id 18 are a checksum of the first 15 characters.

How does it work?

  • Copy/Paste your IDs, URLs, etc... in the field below and click on Convert,
  • We convert all the IDs between 15 and 18 characters, regardless of the format,
  • Click to copy the result you want in your clipboard.

Data confidentiality & security?

  • This tool is only using a regular expression to find the Salesforce IDs and a simple algorithm to convert IDs, there is no database, no storage, nothing. ☺ Enjoy!

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